Repair Your Damaged Boat

Turn to us for aluminum boat welding in Northeast Iowa

Are you looking to renovate your boat? Do you want to add extra structures to the body? You might be interested in the aluminum boat welding we do at Custom Jet Outboards. Our welding services include fabricating, repairing and finishing boats.

When we work on your boat, we will:

  • Take all the proper safety precautions
  • Cut pieces right before welding
  • Clean every piece to remove grease and oil

Contact us today to learn more about aluminum boat welding in Brandon & Cedar Rapids, IA.

We're there when you need boat repair

If your boat is damaged, you could be in danger every time you set sail. Don't take any chances. Reach out to us so we can take care of the boat repair you need. We'll examine your boat to determine what needs to be done in terms of repair. Then, we'll work swiftly to perform the repairs.

Call 319-558-6148 now to request boat repair in Brandon or Cedar Rapids, IA.